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NecronomiCon and meeting Fufu!

   On August 17, 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island, the NecronomiCon kicked off with the Ars Necronomica opening at the Woods-Gerry Gallery at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was here that I finally got to meet fellow Duck, Fufu Frauenwahl, who came all the way from Germany for the Con! For me, it was a fantastic weekend of weird lectures, creepy art, and meeting people in person who I've known for years only on social media. I think everyone was also able to make new friends, and I look forward to seeing everyone I met once again in two years when the Con happens again. Maybe we can get a few more Ducks over to Providence in 2019.

Fufu next to his work.

Walking around Providence, there are a number of Lovecraftian landmarks, including this: the "Shunned House" from the story of the same name. This is the story that spooked me a bit as a teenager, because a man is dissolved by an entity. Not sure why Lovecraft chose this house- it doesn't look too scary these days.

4 of Fufu's magnificent drawings.
Me in front of the three drawings I had in the show. Photo by Dave Felton.

Fufu doodling in the lobby before dinner.

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